Dauler Hearing Loop

Heinz Hall is committed to making our performances and facilities available to all of our patrons.

Hearing Loop IconThe Dauler Hearing Loop is available at this performance.

If you use a hearing aid or have a cochlear implant, you can have an improved listening experience at Heinz Hall concerts and events! The Dauler Hearing Loop runs throughout the auditorium, with the exception of the Orchestra pit, first four Orchestra level rows and Grand Box left. The hearing loop system also is installed at the Heinz Hall Box Office windows, allowing you to hear the amplified voice of Box Office personnel directly through t-coil enabled hearing aids.

TO USE THE DAULER HEARING LOOP: If you have a hearing aid or cochlear implant with a telecoil (t-coil) you need to make sure the t-coil is activated and properly set by your audiologist. You can then activate the setting once in Heinz Hall. If you are not sure if your hearing aid has a t-coil or if you experience difficulty and require assistance, please contact your audiologist.

Sound heard through telecoils can vary from hearing aid to hearing aid and according to position in the theater. Generally, the best signal is found when you sit in the center of a row and facing toward the stage. If you need further assistance in selecting the best seats, please contact the Heinz Hall box office.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to ask your ticketing representative or call Heinz Hall directly at 412.392.4900.

The Dauler Hearing Loop is named for late Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra trustee L. Van V. Dauler, Jr and was made possible through a gift from Randi & L. Van V. Dauler, Jr. and the Emma Clyde Hodge Memorial Foundation.