Cooper Cromwell-Whitley


Paul J. Ross Fellow


Cooper Cromwell-Whitley, a current senior at the University of Michigan, was appointed as a Paul J. Ross Fellow for the 22-23 and 23-24 season. Cooper began his musical journey at the age of 5, when he started playing the baritone. By the age of 7, Cooper had switched to playing the trombone and began receiving lessons weekly. 
During high school, Cooper took private lessons with Ken Wolff, a teacher based in Montgomery County, Maryland. From there, Cooper received a full scholarship and began studying trombone performance at the University of Michigan under the guidance of Professor David Jackson. Cooper has also received considerable mentorship from other teachers and players, such as Weston Sprott - Second trombone of the Metropolitan Opera, and Ken Thompkins - Principal Trombone of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. 
Cooper has had the privilege of attending various summer music groups throughout the country such as the National Youth Orchestra, The Brevard Music Center Orchestra and the Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra. Cooper has also been a part of various professional groups such as The Black Excellence Trombone Choir and the premiere of the Lift Every Voice and Sing trombone choir, a group formed at the 2022 International Trombone Festival. Cooper was a finalist for the International Trombone Festival’s quartet competition in 2022.