Heinz Hall Policies

Heinz Hall, owned and operated by Pittsburgh Symphony Inc., is committed to the safety and well-being of all guests and patrons, and aims to provide a safe, comfortable and enjoyable entertainment experience.

YOU should expect:

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Smoking Policy
Heinz Hall is a smoke-free/vape-free facility.  (Smoking is permitted in the Heinz Hall Garden Plaza.)

Entrance Security Policy
Beginning on Friday, January 17, 2020, all audience members will be required to enter through state-of-the-art scanning equipment, designed both to enhance security and convenience. Heinz Hall selected a “free-flow” system which allows patrons to simply walk through unimpeded. There will be no need to remove coats or bags; cell phones and keys can remain in your pockets. Patrons using wheelchairs and mobility devices will be directed to enter via a door adjacent to the screening equipment where alternative screening will occur. Patrons with children in strollers may enter through the screening equipment.

Bag and Personal Belongings Policy
Heinz Hall reserves the right to search any bags entering the facility. Oversized bags must fit comfortably under a seat to ensure the safety of patrons entering or exiting seats and aisles. Bags failing to meet these requirements must be checked at which time a search will be conducted by security or returned to your vehicle. You are encouraged to leave personal computers and iPads at home, as they are required to be turned off during performances.

Food and Beverage Policy
Outside food or alcoholic beverages are prohibited. Outside non-alcoholic beverages, such as Starbucks coffee, may be consumed in the lobby areas, but is not permitted into the auditorium. Please note: Heinz Hall cups with lids are available for purchase at the facility's bars. These reusable cups can be brought into the facility again at a later date once purchased, but must be filled on-site. These cups can be brought into  the auditorium at many concerts (excluding classical programs).

Weapons Policy
Weapons are not permitted in the venue and/or public spaces owned or operated by Pittsburgh Symphony Inc., including Heinz Hall.  Any item that could endanger public safety is considered a weapon for purposes of this policy. Violators of this policy may be subject to ejection from Heinz Hall and/or civil or criminal penalties. The only exception to this policy is sworn law enforcement personnel and private security officers employed and/or contracted by Pittsburgh Symphony Inc.

Costume Policy
Heinz Hall does not permit masks of any kind or facsimiles of weapons that would make other guests feel uncomfortable or detract from the concert experience. Guests are welcome to attend certain programs (e.g. The Music of Harry Potter or The Music of Star Wars) in costume.

Important Phone Numbers
In life-threatening emergencies - 911
Heinz Hall security officer - 412-906-6111

For information about specific concerts or general facility questions,
Box Office - 412-392-4900
Heinz Hall Management - 412-392-4844

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